Walk on the large raised bog of Kemeri

(the tour with the transport and feet 4 km)


The length of the guided tour 2 h


Walk on the large raised bog of Kemeri take approximately 1.5 hours. Wooden walk-bridge goes among small bog lakes. This is amazing place – kingdom of mosses, place grow small pine trees and birches, marsh-tea, cloudberry una cranberry. Also you can find where wonderfull plant – sundew. It catches small insects and eat its, so sundew can survive in this severe conditions. You can catch a glimps a lot of bird, for example wood sindpiper, european golden plover, or pied wagtail, and if you’ll be lucky you can hear a crane during the walk along the boardwalk. Paticulary curious travelers get to know about raised bogs, it’s development, how we get peat and curative sulphur water.